Katy Guthenberg

Miss Katy has been dancing for as long as she can remember – on stage, in the studio, or just in her living room as a little girl – dancing has always been her passion. She began taking lessons at the age of 3, and never looked backed! Training in a variety styles, under the direction of some wonderful teachers, her love of dance grew, as did her interest in teaching.

She spent nearly a decade as a competitive dancer, where she developed her love of performance, and learned the importance of being a part of a supportive team. Throughout her time as a competitive dancer, Miss Katy and her team were recognized for their talents – taking home top marks and special awards in regional, provincial, national and international events.

While competition and performance were always something Miss Katy enjoyed, her true calling was found in teaching. Completing her Teacher’s Training through the B.A.T.D, she became a Certified Member in several styles, and continues to find ways to grow as an instructor through workshops, classes, seminars and various forms of training. Over the years, her pursuit of personal growth in the field of teaching has given her the opportunity to work with some of the foremost teachers and choreographers in the world, including: Denise Wall, Paula Morgan, Deborah Vogel, Tokyo, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Blake McGrath, Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, and many more! Her training has taken her all over North America, believing that in order to see growth in her students, she also needs to continue to grow and be tireless in her pursuit of learning.

As a teacher and choreographer, Miss Katy pours her heart and soul into her work – believing that every student can achieve greatness; she dedicates herself to instilling and sharing her love of dance with each and every one of them. Focusing her attention on Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary, she is able to create moving, emotional routines that allow her students to express themselves and their love of dance on stage and in the classroom. Her students and choreography have been recognized by many judges, receiving Top Marks at Competitions, Special Awards, Scholarships, Overalls, Judges’ Choice and Best Choreography of the Competition. The achievement she is most proud of, however, is having created a loving, supportive Team of dancers – continually recognized for their Good Sportsmanship and Studio Spirit, EDC has gained a reputation for not only being a Team full of not only talent, but kindness and caring as well.

Lindsey Brown

Miss Lindsey started her training early – as a young gymnast, at Gemini Gymnastics and Pickering Aerials, she competed both provincially and nationally, gaining recognition for her distinct performance style!

Her love for performing eventually led her to the world of competitive dance, where she blended the strength and power of her gymnastics training, with the artistry and style of dance.

As a teacher and choreographer, Miss Lindsey brings the fusion of gymnastics and dance to her students. Providing them with unparalleled training, dancers will learn the strength, control and style required to excel in gymnastics style tumbling and classic Acrobatic technique, combined with modern dance choreography.

Miss Lindsey is certified In Acro and Stage with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. Additionally, she has trained with Dance Masters of America, as well as participating in seminars and workshops with world renowned teachers and choreographers at events such as The Dance Teachers Summit in New York City.

Her fresh approach to Acro has been very well received in the Competitive world of dance – being honoured with many special awards for her routines, including: Judges Choice for Best Choreography of the competition (“Tea Party”) and Best Presentation of the competition (“Circus”). She is continually recognized for her outstanding ability to bring her vision to life, her unique take on Acro choreography, and exceptionally well trained students.