2017/18 Class Availability Schedule Has Now Been Posted! Please see the bottom of this page for more information.

Level 1 (First Year, Ages 5-6)

This program is geared to dancers aged 5-6 and is designed to introduce students to dance at the competitive level. Students will participate in 3-1 hour combo classes per week (Ballet/Tap, Acro/Jazz, and Stretch/Hip Hop). These classes will be more structured than regular combo classes, with an emphasis being placed on rhythm, timing, technique, and the foundational steps of dance. Students in this program will be chosen to participate in one competitive routine. This routine will be performed at the Competitors Showcase and entered at a select number of competitions throughout the season. Students are not required to audition for this program.

Level 2 (Second Year, Ages 6-7)

The next step for our Pre-Competitive Team! This program will expand upon the first level training while maintaining a similar structure. For their second year in the program, students will move up to 4 – 1-hour classes per week (Ballet/Tap, Stretch/Hip Hop, a full hour of Jazz, and a full hour of Acro). Within this program, students may be asked to participate in more than one Competitive routine, which may include Large Groups, Small Groups, Duets or Trios. Students in the second year of Pre-Competitive will be participating in all five competitions during the season. Returning students are not required to audition for this program.

All Pre-Competitive dancers (ages 5-7) are NOT REQUIRED to audition to make the team!

Pre-Comp Level 1Ages 5 and 6$110 / Month

  • Acro/Jazz
  • Ballet/Tap
  • Stretch/Hip Hop

Pre-Comp Level 2Ages 6 and 7$140 / Month

  • Ballet/Tap
  • Stretch/Hip Hop
  • Acro (full hour)
  • Jazz (full hour)

Pricing is based on 10 equal monthly payments, prices above do not include HST. Monthly payments can be made by post-dated cheques or pre-authorized credit card. All choreography, costumes, makeup and entry fees are extra. Discounts are provided if Full-Term or Half-Term payments are made over the monthly payment option.

Choreography Fees

Choreography fees are charged as a one-time fee per competitive routine and are due during the first week of competitive practice, Monday, September 30th – Saturday, October 5th.

Please note that for Level 2 students, participation in group routines are a requirement in order to compete in any solo, duet/trio of that subject, participating in duet/trio routines are a requirement in order to compete in any solo of that subject.

Costume Fees

Competitive costume deposits are required by Saturday, October 19th. Deposits are $50 per costume. The remainder of the balance is due when costumes are ready to be picked up – typically, this is the end of February. Competitive students will be required to purchase separate costumes for the year end recital. Whenever possible, EDC will support the re-use of competition costumes for the recital.

Additional Costume Fees

Additional competitive fees include any necessary tights, shoes, hair pieces, etc. that dancers may require for their routines.

Make-up and Jewellery

Competitive students will be required to purchase a set make-up kit for competition. A make-up workshop will be held at the studio to teach students and parents how to apply competitive make-up.

Some competitive routines will require jewellery (tiara, headpiece, earrings, necklace, etc.). All jewellery may be rented (earrings must be purchased, not rented) from the studio and returned at the end of the competitive season. A replacement fee will be issued in the case where the pieces are not returned.

Entry Fees

Each of the competitions we attend during the season charge “entry fees” – these fees, while payable to EDC, are what the competitions charge us in order to enter our routines at their event. In order to give families time to budget for this, we set up a payment schedule – fees will start being charged at the end of January, and continue, every two weeks (approximately) until the end of March. You will receive exact dates of required payments in October when you receive your competitive routine list.


All competitive fees including costumes and entrance fees may be reduced through fundraising. EDC will offer several opportunities throughout the year for both group and individual fundraising. Profits of group fundraising events will be distributed evenly against competitive costs while individual fundraising profits will go directly to individual students. Please note that while individual fundraising is not mandatory, any group/team fundraising events are. Not only are these group fundraisers and team events a great way to raise some money for the necessary costs (such as props, costume trim, etc) they are a fantastic way to make this team feel more like a family!!! Team building and studio are extremely important to us – these events are a wonderful opportunity to show that!


Attendance is extremely important for both competitive classes and especially competitive practice times. Students are permitted to miss no more than 2 practices unless extenuating circumstances apply. Students must be present for every competition. Failure to comply with attendance guidelines will result in a financial penalty (for missed classes and practice times) and expulsion from the team for missed competitions. If they are not able to compete due to injury, a doctor’s note is required.


EDC is proud to offer a unique and innovative way to store and showcase your dance photos. EDC offers digital scrapbook pages, which include group and individual photos. One page is included in your dance fees per class, and a variety of upgrades are available for purchase. Competition photos are not included and must be purchased separately. A customized leather album embossed with both logos is also available for purchase. These albums contain clear page protectors and are expandable allowing you to add photos to your scrapbook yearly. Samples of our scrapbook pages are shown below.

Pre-Competitive Dress Code for Class

  • Body Wear: Body Suit
  • Tights: Pink Ballet – Mandatory
  • Additional (Optional): Dance Skirt
  • Body Wear: Body Suit
  • Tights: Pink Ballet – Mandatory
  • Additional (Optional): Dance Skirt
  • Body Wear: Body Suit
  • Tights: Full Foot – Any Colour
  • Additional (Optional): Dance Shorts
  • Body Wear: Body Suit
  • Tights: Footless – Any Colour
  • Additional (Optional): Dance Shorts
  • Body Wear: Dance Top with Track Pants – Loose Fitting Tops ARE allowed. Absolutely NO Jeans or PYJAMAS
  • Tights: Not Applicable
  • Additional (Optional): Hat

Pre-Competitive Proper Footwear for Class

  • Tap: Black
  • Jazz: Bare Feet
  • Ballet: Pink Leather
  • Acro: Bare Foot or Beige Bare Paws.
  • Hip Hop: Non-Marking Indoor Running Shoes.
  • Tap: Black
  • Jazz: Beige Slip On
  • Ballet: Pink Leather
  • Acro: Bare Foot or Beige Bare Paws
  • Hip Hop: Non-Marking Indoor Running Shoes

2017/18 Weekly Studio Schedule